De Beers Group appoints Ridgeway to deliver diamond education experience

The International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR), part of The De Beers Group of Companies, has appointed independent digital agency, Ridgeway, to produce a new online education hub to share and disseminate their unrivalled industry knowledge to interested parties. 

The deal will see Ridgeway build an e-learning hub that in time will offer a number of educational courses on various topics using IIDGR’s unrivalled experience across all elements of the diamond industry. The ambitious plans will be unveiled at a launch event in April 2017, with a plan to accelerate participation to 1000 students by the middle of 2018. 

The education project is an integral part of a broader strategy being undertaken by IIDGR to capitalise on the growing demand for highly accurate diamond grading and testing services, as well as retail opportunities for proprietary screening instruments to the industry. All of this work comes with the aim of underpinning consumer confidence, according to the IIGDR’s Director of Education and Learning, Jodine Perrin.

The deal marks part of De Beers Group’s strategy to increase IIDGR’s visibility digitally in the education space, extend commercial opportunities, and offer a superior learning experience through a variety of stimulating, interactive, and data rich learning content.

“The education hub will consolidate our position as the voice of the industry through the curation of exceptional educational content for anyone involved in the diamond industry. It will help them to lean on the rich knowledge the De Beers Group team has, and will address a knowledge gap for detailed diamond training in the market. 

“Ridgeway was the obvious partner to help us deliver an exceptional customer experience through the e-learning hub”, Perrin says.

The website, set to launch in Q2 2017, will be built on the Kentico EMS platform and will feature e-learning, reporting and insight dashboards, and an ecommerce platform for payment management of the courses. Ridgeway will be partnering with leading visual storytelling studio, Nucco Brain, which will produce the animated course content of the project for engaging experiences. 

De Beers Group selected Ridgeway as it valued the agency’s expertise and leadership position as a top Kentico Gold Partner. The company also recognised the agency’s award winning delivery of a number of large ecommerce projects for leading brands including Twinings and HMV.

Ridgeway’s Director, Simon Cole, says: “We’re delighted to take on this project for De Beers Group, and look forward to working with them to reinforce their position as the leader of quality of all educational material in the diamond industry. The agency is proud and excited to be a part of this new development”.

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