Atkinsons achieves ecommerce gold standard with integrated live pricing

The ecommerce gold standard across devices

Simplifying the process of buying physical gold and silver online, no matter which device is used

Going, going, gone

Site prices are linked to the gold and silver index to offer live pricing for the ultimate ecommerce experience

The power of the customer

Integration with third party tools means customer testimonials are displayed for social proof

It's all about the product

Clean, contemporary design puts the products first

Mix and match

The ecommerce store offers bespoke mix and match promotions for the customer

  • Marketing, ecommerce, and content management in one solution.
  • Fully responsive, mobile optimised design.
  • Live pricing.
  • Integration with third party systems including Brightpearl CMS and Trustpilot.
  • Secure, robust ecommerce platform.
  • User centred design.
  • SEO optimised.


Atkinsons is a family run bullion and coins business with over 25 years in the industry. They were looking for a new site that reflected the premium nature of their product along with the expert client services that they offer. The end result is a delighted client who now has peace of mind that the site is failsafe, reliable, and secure and offers an appealing purchasing experience with real time pricing. As their digital partner, we continue to work with them on the second phase of the website.

Live pricing equals happy customers

"Ridgeway’s Ecommerce Accelerator gave us more flexibility with our budget, which we used to make the most of their expertise. This has delivered a website that is not only easier to manage, but clean and easy for our customers to navigate."
Paul Atkinson, Managing Director, Atkinsons

The new website needed to offer an intuitive transactional process for customers that enables them to view and securely purchase products at real time prices. Our team integrated the new website with a variety of systems including live pricing via the gold and silver index. Code was built from scratch so that if prices fluctuate dramatically, phone only mode is activated which means customers have to purchase over the phone. This functionality eradicated previous issues Atkinsons had experienced with live pricing causing prices to drop to zero value, resulting in unhappy customers and abandoned purchases.

Integration for improved efficiencies

Atkinsons required the site to be integrated with Brightpearl, their stock management system and although this was the first Kentico integration for Brightpearl it has proved incredibly effective. The team can keep their products and details up to date using one login improving efficiencies for the business.

A winning review

The third integration that has made this site so successful is Trustpilot. Five days after an order is placed a customer is encouraged to fill out Trustpilot and provide feedback on their purchase. Various 5* customer ratings have been left on the website, often praising the website as ‘well implemented’ and ‘a great improvement’. This form of social proof reinforces trust and supports the conversion to sale.

UX consultants work their magic

Atkinsons saved time and budget on the build with our exclusive Ecommerce Accelerator, which uses tried and tested ecommerce functionality as a base. This freed up budget for our strategists to work closely with Atkinsons to carefully design a site experience based on the needs of their key audiences - from first time buyers to regular investors. On top of this, we have built a modern and stylish user interface that reflects Atkinsons’ authority in the field.

Award winning

The Atkinsons website has won a Kentico Site of the Month award which recognises the quality of work carried out on sites built on the Kentico platform across the world each month. It was also shortlisted for an eCommerce Award for Excellence in the ‘Best Other eCommerce’ category.

The results

The impact of the new site has been significant on all levels. Year-on-year the revenue has increased an impressive 230% and the average order value has increased by 160%. 

Phase 2 already underway

The client has been so happy with the ROI that they quickly put a second phase of development into action. Additional functionality is being scoped which will include live pricing charts and updates to the ‘My Account’ section to allow a customer to create a custom dashboard of pricing charts.