Stunning new ecommerce website redesign with integrated marketing functionality creates the ultimate customer experience for tea lovers

The world of Twinings, all in one system

Twinings enjoy simple management of personalised content, automated emails, measurement and more in one system

Browse, buy, relax

Trade and consumer purchasing journeys are optimised for mobile and user experience

Style, heritage and innovation

The new website is the perfect showcase for Twinings’ full range and expertise

Customers enjoy a personal journey

Direct engagement with what customers are most interested in with personalised content and targeted emails based on behaviour

Past, present and future, all under one login

Intelligent ecommerce brings the heritage of Twinings to the latest technology for increasing sales online

Tea as a lifestyle

Stunning teaware, giftsets and confectionery create unique cross sell opportunities

Simply stunning content management

Every page effortlessly looks unique with jigsaw-style templates

  • Trade and consumer sites on one system
  • Marketing, ecommerce and content management in one solution
  • Real time communication with SAP, MetaPack and Sagepay systems
  • Designed to support a low cost global rollout
  • Fully responsive, mobile optimised design
  • Personalised content
  • Automated marketing
  • Secure, robust ecommerce platform
  • User centred design
  • SEO optimised

The brief

The tradition of Thomas Twining bringing the finest teas and fresh flavours to the UK lives on after almost 300 years, making it one of the UK’s most trusted brands with a following of tea enthusiasts in over 100 countries. What you see in stores is a small proportion of the product range that Twinings offers.

Twinings ultimately needed a system that could be both flexible and functional, yet remain incredibly efficient for the small ecommerce team to work with. Kentico offered not only content management, ecommerce and marketing functionality integrated into one platform, but worked with in house systems for enterprise resource planning and delivery of sales.

Ridgeway were chosen as the top Kentico ecommerce partner to build a responsive platform which could showcase Twinings’ tea expertise and extensive range - one site that would offer both trade and consumers a secure way to buy online. The initial launch would be for the UK and Ireland, but should offer an easy low cost rollout to other territories.

What we did

"I’ve worked with a lot of website development agencies, and Ridgeway are by far the best. Their ability to translate ambitious business goals into complex technical solutions is almost as amazing as their ability to still be able to explain it all in a way the whole team could understand."
Claire Blake, Ecommerce Manager at Twinings

Twinings put their customers at the heart of everything they do and wanted a site underpinned on user centred principles. With a clear vision of a compelling user journey, Twinings worked with Ridgeway’s Performance Team to solidify navigation and functionality with wireframes and live prototypes before development began.

During this phase, Ridgeway had to consider the challenges of the wide range of possible journeys a customer may take with Twinings using Kentico’s personalisation and automated marketing functionality. Scenarios were built and explored based on 6 audience personas to ensure every aspect was covered.

Ridgeway worked closely with Kentico’s team on the core platform to ensure the strong ecommerce vision was met without compromise. Enterprise resource planning and delivery systems, SAP and MetaPack are communicated with in real time to ensure a seamless flow of data to enhance operational efficiency. Ridgeway also continued to develop the bespoke back and front ends of the site to make the site as simple as possible for the Twinings team, customers and trade to use.

Twinings overlaid the structure with some stunning photography and copy to offer consistent aesthetics and tone of voice across reading recipes in the blog, purchasing products or engaging with a promotion. 

Although every page works on a template structure, what keeps the Twinings site looking unique is that each page is made up of a series of smaller templates all woven together. Twinings can create a highly designed look across the site with minimal effort. 

Ridgeway’s Performance Team continue to work with Twinings to identify opportunities, which optimise the site performance to ultimately drive sales. The support team are on hand to provide training, updates and technical expertise to ensure every recommendation is backed up with a solution.

The results

Mixing heritage with market-leading innovation and style, Ridgeway have produced an online ecommerce experience for both trade and consumers that nurtures not only sales, but builds brand loyalty and advocacy all through one integrated content management, ecommerce and marketing platform.

The Kentico Enterprise Marketing System puts analytics and transactional intelligence, multivariate testing, personalisation tools and automated emails all under one login. This transforms the website from a static design to a unique journey for each visitor with direct engagement and rewards that lead to loyalty and increased sales.

What we have achieved together is a digital experience that positions Twinings as experts in the premium tea market. The website is the only place other than their flagship store on The Strand that allows you to see their entire range of teas, gift sets and confectionery.