We create great looking web designs as standard, but we also know your website design will determine how successful your business is.

Because of this, our design team understand they need to create a web design that will help your users find your website in the first place, make it easy to find the information they need and then work hard to convert them into customers for you. Our blend of strategic, design and development services means you’ll get an eye-catching web design which actually delivers the business you need it too as well.

From a refresh to a rebrand

Whether you’re aiming to breathe new life into an existing website design, creating a website from scratch or wanting to give your entire brand an overhaul, we can help. We work for some brands you’ll have heard of and brands who want you to hear about them soon – all of them use Ridgeway because we deliver effective, eye-catching web design.

Web design for your customer

By employing user experience design principals we can help you understand your customer’s needs and then create website designs specifically with them in mind. On larger projects, we’ll ask some of your customers to test the designs and then fine-tune them for the best possible performance.

Size doesn’t matter

Ridgeway’s team of experienced web designers have years of experience working with companies of all sizes. We work closely with all of our clients to ensure your web design becomes reality, no matter whether you’re a one man-band or a marketing director at a multi-national brand.

Design for current standards

Accessibility, web design standards compliance, search engine best practice and use of modern design techniques like responsive design and HTML5/CSS3 are part of the Ridgeway design armoury. They’re all good things for your business and your website performance, so we include them without needing to be asked.

Use Ridgeway for web design if you want…

  • Great looking web design
  • Brand creation & development
  • HTML5 & CSS3 design
  • A brand new web site design
  • Customer-centric web design
  • Accessible, standards-compliant design
  • A website design refresh
  • UX design & usability testing
  • Responsive web design