Integrated marketing and content management is revolutionising how our clients deliver digital success.

Research shows that marketers want to be able to nurture, target and engage with customers on a more individual basis and are looking for the technology that rolls personalised content in with the content management system.

Kentico built the Enterprise Marketing Solution from the ground up to solve the common challenges we all face with targeting content and offering timely and engaging communications. Visitors to your site are no longer hidden and lost, but can be warmed up and converted into engaged customers who advocate your products and services.

The marketing tools you use every day are now in with your CMS: 
  • Set up personalisation rules that let your website serve content that your customers are most likely to engage with
  • Trigger an automated email campaign to engage, cross sell and upsell on the products your customers like and buy
  • Run A/B and MVT test your designs to find the most successful page design or marketing message
  • Create reports and analyse your web traffic to make improvements to the customer journey and conversions
  • Publish content automatically to Facebook and Twitter
  • Lead score and identify your hottest leads
Silos of digital activity can run under one workflow in the Kentico system, making you more efficient and effective in your campaigns and measurement.